BE GOING TO for predictions

We use BE GOING TO + INFINITIVE for future plans and for predictions based on present evidence.
We're going to play basketball this afternoon. - future plan
Look at those clouds! It's going to rain! - prediction based on present evidence.

In this case, we're going to practise with the second one, predictions.
Let's have a look at Rafael Nadal during practise at the Artois championship 2007 in London:
1. Watch the first part
Rafael Nadal - 1st part 
2. What's going to happen next?
Rafael Nadal - 2nd part

Now, look at the photos and say what is going to happen.


Body Language - ESO2

After learning some verbs and feelings, you will create a glogster to show what you learnt!

It's very easy! Look for photos, add them to you poster online, and add your comments!

Use these verbs: shout, cry, kiss, hug, think, know, smile, worry and so on.
and these feelings: sad, happy, worried, frightened, hungry, angry, thirsty, excited and so on.

 Here you have mine!


School subjects - ESO2

Do you like this word cloud? Your task for Friday 4th is to create one on your own! Use the vocabulary in Unit 1, school subjects. How many do you remember???

Click on the link!


Countries and nationalities - ESO1


This week we are going to start the first unit 'People' and we're going to learn  countries and nationalities in English. So, after the lesson, you can practise a little bit more with the exercises and the games below.

Exercise 1: matching exercise, what nationality are the people?
Exercise 2: matching exercise part 2, what nationality are they?
Exercise 3: matching exercise part 3, where are they  from?
Exercise 4: matching exercise part 4, where are they  from?

Game 1: memory game, find a country and its nationality.
Game 2: matching game
Game 3: Speedword. Practise your spelling with this game.

Now, have a look at the dresses each girl wears. Where are those flags from??Where are the girls from??

Back to school and to my blog!!

A new academic year is starting, are you ready for it??? Ready for learning some more English???
You know you will find different exercises, games or videos for further practice, or for some fun! :)


The Moon Walk: Hoax or History?

Yesterday we read about the moon landing in 1969 being a fake. Here you have a video about a conspiracy theory. Was it real or was it fake?? Watch it and decide for yourself!